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About fake search engine: is a Firefox and IE specific malicious browser helper object. It displays several levels of severity as it captures user’s requests partially or completely.
In the worst case, infected browser does not accept any queries in its search bar as these are instantly intercepted by the infection that downloads the above page instead.
The lightest case leaves user an opportunity to open any page requested, but the above page appears unexpectedly, though not too often.
The interim variant does not allow properly using Google and other major search engines as on entering search keywords in the relevant line of search engine the misleading one appears, which turns out to be the one supported by hijacker.
Remove as a variant of virus. Unlike the latter, the former does not capture Google Chrome so that this browser is available for surfing and you can use it, in case other browsers are locked, to download removal tool here. details:

Type: Adware, Browser hijacker

Detection date: 13.09.2011

URL: removal tool:

Download Reliable Remover

Malicious behaviour:

  • may be difficult to remove manually;
  • may slow your PC;
  • may display unwanted ad’s;
  • may hijack search results;
  • may generate popup ad’s. Removal Tool

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