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Removal of TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 data stealing agent with corruptive side-effects

TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 disrupts communication between components of your PC. Remarkably, this is but a side-effect of its activities. The rogue has been originally detected as executor of payload limited to data stealing. The fact that it also is a highly corruptive threat was not established at once. That was why its original detector annoyed users with repeated quarantine and detection notifications failing to get rid of TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 once and for all.
The insidious trojan is concealed within popular downloads such as shared media files, codec etc. It is critically important to monitor your downloads or else you will definitely get further surprises, which will damage your PC even more than the infection under review.
To remove TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 without any tricky clauses, as well as to set your PC ultimately free of viruses, download Spy Hunter!.

TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 details:

Type: Trojan horse, Rootkit

Detection date: 11.12.2011

URL: blocked\not detected


Malicious behaviour:

  • TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 may be difficult to remove manually;
  • TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 may download and install additional malware;
  • TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 may slow your PC;
  • TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 may cause system errors and slowdowns, popup ad’s.

How to remove TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 virus?

You can choose how to eliminate TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 infection. Use manual removal guide or delete it automatically:

1. Manual removal process

It is understood that removing TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 manually you deal with only one infection. To get rid of other infections manually you need to find and use other relevant guides. Furthermore, how will you know if there are other threats to exterminate?

To remove TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 infection – delete its files and disable processes (in Task Manager):


After that, remove TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 registry entries:


2. Automatic TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 removal

Antimalware program is a good choice enabling users to clean computer system of all its infections at once, or at least to find out which threats to eliminate. It might happen that TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 malware blocks downloading or installation of antivirus capable of its deleting. If that is the case, don’t give up! Try the following tips to escape the malware aggression:

– rename executable of the downloaded antimalware to “explorer.exe” and run it;

– try to install remover from Safe Mode (press F8 when Windows starts);

– try to download TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 removal tool from uninfected PC and transfer it to infected, using pen-drive.

If you need further help in using the manual directions or downloading the removal tool, please leave your query as a comment below.

Our tests have proved that Spy Hunter removes TR/ATRAPS/Gen 2 virus

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