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Get rid of Swagbucks Toolbar as coupons are no fun when they slow things down

Swagbucks Toolbar might be fun for some users. Basically, it promotes some websites it is related to as advertiser on pay per click or visit basis, which thus makes your searches somewhat out-of-context, yet slows down browser speed and may induce errors in other add-ons and websites loading.
Originally, the same-name program is meant to help you earning this sort of online currency so that you may convert it while paying for special deal offers, so that is basically a sort of discount or a coupon.
As stated above, however, the program bears some traits of adware and slightly deteriorates performance of your browser, so that is why some users state they need to remove Swagbucks Toolbar as adware.
This free scanner is a tool that will do the removal of Swagbucks Toolbar core components; to deal with any leftovers, you may need applying instructions provided below; if such are not provided, this means the tool above cleans the adware without any after-effects you need to deal with manually. Continue reading