Remove MalwareStopper (Malware Stopper) – MalwareStopper Removal

MalwareStopper (Malware Stopper)is a new rogue anti-spyware application that uses fake alerts and false positives as a goad into scaring you into purchasing their software. This software is usually installed by Zlob.Trojan that issue fake security alerts in your Windows taskbar stating that you are infected with a variety of malware. When you click on […]

Remove SpyAway – SpyAway removal tool

SpyAway is a rogue anti-spyware program with bad behaviour. SpyAway is often downloaded and installed by a Trojan or through browser security holes. SpyAway launches on Windows startup and starts generating large numbers of popup advertisements, and sometimes fake security warning messages. These tactics are used to push scared users into purchasing a license for this […]

SpywareLocked removal – Remove SpywareLocked

SpywareLocked, a new clone of SpyLocked, and the latest rogue anti-spyware program to come out from the makers of VirusBurst and VirusBursters. SpywareLocked is installed by Zlob Trojan, which attempts to trick you into buying the alleged rogue anti-spyware program. Once you’re infected with SpywareLocked, a fake security message similar to a Windows notification pops up […]

SpyLocked removal – Remove SpyLocked

SpyLocked is the latest high risk rogue anti-spyware software. SpyLocked may be installed onto your machine through a Trojan, or through web browser security holes in your computer. Like other rogue anti-spyware, SpyLocked may try to tempt you into you buying the “full version” of its software by launching false security alerts that your PC is […]

Remove SpyShredder – SpyShredder removal tool

What is SpyShredderSpyShredder is a new fake anti-spyware program. SpyShredder use aggressive tactic to goad user into purchasing the commercial version of their product. SpyShredder generate pop up advertisments and false security alert’s, about spyware detections. SpyShredder may bypass Windows firewall, and some antiviruses and install other malware. After removal SpyShredder can reinstall itself, downloading new […]

Remove issues that slow your computer

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